Thursday, July 2, 2009


On Wednesday we went on a 4 hour raft trip on the San Juan River. We drove south of town before we got in the water and then rafted for a few hours before getting out. We were hoping to see wildlife but were disappointed. The kids enjoyed the ride and sat on the edge of the raft for most of the ride. I was happy that I didn't fall in! Actually it was fairly calm so there wasn't much chance. I took a disposable camera so I won't have pictures until we get home from our trip.
Before going on the raft trip we spent a little time downtown. We went to the Humane Society thrift store. Andrew found the National Parks Monopoly Game for $3...that was a great buy! I also found a pair of water shoes for Greg for $1. Sabrina got a pair of hiking boots. I bought a book for myself and a kids book that I had seen at the national park museum.

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