Wednesday, July 1, 2009

tuesday...high altitude fun!

today we drove up to Wolf Creek pass. We stopped at Treasure Falls for a short hike up to the water fall. Beautiful...I love waterfalls. A short ways up from where we took pictures you could stand in the mist of the was so cold! We met a woman from Switzerland who is a dancer...she has been taking pictures in dance costumes at sites around the southwest.

We drove on up the road and stopped at the Continental Divide where the kids were happy to find snow. They threw it and found a patch big enough to slide on. There we met a man and his 2 kids from...Key West! Sabrina wants to know why I talk to everyone when we stop. I love hearing where people are from. Just up the road we found a dirt road to a radio tower and the Continental Divide trail. The elevation was 10,850 ft. After a few pics we headed back down. Andrew does not seem to handle the altitude well...not surprising given his tendancy for headaches. The kids all fell asleep on the way down. We ate lunch and rested, then went to the rec center for rootbeer floats. Sabrina, Allison and Matthew went for a swim in the indoor pool (no outdoor pool). I hate indoor pools...the smell of the chlorine is horrible. (besides...they wouldn't let me bring my soda in the pool area) After a quick nap for mom... we took a drive down a back road. Mostly we saw ranches and a few deer. We came back on a national forest road of about 35 miles that took forever to get through. It was after 10:00 by the time we got back home. We saw one buck along the way. Greg tried to straddle a rock in the road but was unsuccessful so Wed he will be trying to repair a hole in the spare tire compartment.

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