Meet Xialan, our daughter who is waiting for us in Jiaozuo City, Henan, China.

Xialan is 7 years old.  She is in the Jiaozuo City Welfare Institute and resides on the tenth floor of the institute which houses the two of the Eagles' Wings family homes. 

I first saw her sweet picture sometime in May of 2011.  We were not looking to add another child to our family.  We are busy with 4 children, all their activities and work.  But there she was.  On May 31st I emailed Lifeline and asked to see her file so that I could pray for her.  My prayers were more like, Lord, please open Greg's heart.  Let him be willing.  I think it was June 17th before I felt I had prayed enough to actually show him her file.  He didn't say no right away so I kept asking if he had prayed about her.  On our way to the airport on June 22 we called Lifeline and told them we were interested in adopting "Frannie".  While we were in California for 3 weeks, I did what I could to complete the application and work on the LOI (letter of intent).  When we returned we took care of doctor visits and bloodwork before we left on our trip to Indiana.  After returning home, we submitted the application to Lifeline on August 1.  Our LOI was submitted on August 3rd and on August 8th we received PA (pre-approval) to adopt Xialan.  We contacted CCAI to do our homestudy and began the parent education necessary to adopt from China. 

We are waiting for our homestudy to be finalized.  Hoping it is done any day!

While waiting for our homestudy to be completed, we received this sweet photo taken on Oct. 6. 


  1. I've seen her picture before. She looks like such a sweetheart!

  2. She is very pretty.

    God Bless!