Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 corners and Monument Valley

We left Colorado around 7:45 am and headed towards Arizona. We stopped in New Mexico to take pictures of Ship Rock which we had seen from far away while at Mesa Verde. We made a stop at Four Corners Monument...were Arizona, Colorada, Utah and New Mexico meet. I had thought that it was a National Monument and that our park pass would get us in ... but it is on Indian land so we had to pay to enter. It was a big disappointment and no way worth the entrance fee. I had planned on eating some Navajo fry bread but I refused to even look at their shops because I was not going to spend one more cent! I also complained as we left about the condition of the American can see how tattered it is. They said they knew and were planning on replacing it. Later we drove about 20 miles north to go part of the way into Monument Valley. It was neat. I would have liked to spend more time there but nobody else was really interested. The drive was for the most part unspectacular. Very dry and hot. I could not live between Co and Flagstaff! Flagstaff is and green. Tomorrow we are taking the train to the Grand Canyon.

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