Friday, July 3, 2009 and wildlife park

We had a lazy morning and after lunch went off to find a lake for the kids to fish. About the time we got there it started to storm so we packed up. We drove down the road and found the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park. There we saw a grizzly bear, black bears (one named cubby starred in Lonesome Dove), an elk, a porcupine, two wolves, two coyotes, three mountain lions, a bobcat, an emu, lots of bunnies and goats and a few domestic cats. We learned how each animal came to live there and other interesting facts about them.

After the wildlife park we went back to the lake to fish. The kids fished while I watched birds. Greg supervised but would not touch the fishing pole out of fear of getting caught and being fined. Each of the kids caught at least one fish before we left. I saw beautiful yellow headed black birds...cousins to our red winged black birds.
We ate dinner at a local restaurant and then came home for ice cream.

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