Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quiet day in Pagosa

We didn't do much no pictures. We visited Crosspoint Church where almost half those in attendance were visitors. The pastor said that was not unusual. We ate lunch at our room and hung out for a bit before hitting a local mini golf. Greg did not add up the scores, I think he was afraid he had lost! We attended a get together to learn about area activities and we signed up for a whitewater rafting on Wednesday. We did not sign up for the trip that could be life-threatening! Sabrina won a stuffed animal (my favorite...a chihuahua...Don't anyone tell Robin), I was so glad to see her win as she got so excited each time a number was called. You would have thought she won a million dollars. We also had free samples of a local caramel with nuts which was delicious. I would offer to bring some home, but I don't think it would make it! Ate lasagna and pasta for dinner while watching Merlin (new family show on NBC). We are planning to go to Mesa Verde National Park tomorrow.

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